Growing your small business is about growing you

Make the time to get back on track in our 12 week accelerator for small business owners.

Get back in control, reduce the stress and get better returns.

Is this program for you?

Do you feel overwhelmed with change, there’s never enough hours in the day and you’re working hard for little return? 

How do other small businesses make decisions and pivot so fast? 

The groei small business accelerator delivers the skills to drive your business forward.

We make it easy with standard templates to turn your strategy into a monthly routine, that is built by you. Ensure your plan is top of mind, stay on track to the goals you set and keep your strategic thinking all in one place.

What’s in it for me?

Imagine your business of the future and make your strategy come alive so you can get on top of your business and make it work for you.

Get focussed

Set clear goals and the focus on the right activities that will make it all happen.

Be accountable

Your learning pod are there to hold you to the changes you need to make to get your business on track.

Feel more confident

Having a plan takes away the overwhelming feelings and puts you back in charge.

Measure the right things

Performance measures are often difficult to clarify and hard to implement. We provide a structure and the tools to easily measure your progress.

Introduce discipline

Designing your management routine helps you manage change, reflect and continue to practice the skills you learn.

Be proactive

Stop fighting fires and work on your business to make the time to decide on a permanent fix to your problems.

What others say

My groei coach has an authentic passion for business and getting the best out of teams of all sizes, she is fun to work with, and her deep technical expertise is unique. 

Kelly Baker-Jamieson

Managing Director, Edible Blooms

“The facilitators are resourceful and thoughtful – great advisors to businesses and business people as individuals. Our facilitator was a great strategists, who had a lot of energy, and always asked the right questions to help people in business do/be at their best.”

Caroline Stalker

Director, Architectus

“groei have simply been exceptional in the way they haves been able to deliver highly creative insights and solutions to strategic challenges presented to the Group. I particularly valued the way the facilitator brought structure to her creativity which facilitates effective implementation of her ideas.”
Jim Landau

Strategy Lab, Group Participant

What will we do?

Over 12 weeks you will go from average to lightspeed with:

  • Face to face learning at weekly information sessions made easy from your own desk via Zoom.
  • Three powerful bootcamp face to face workshops at launch, halfway and graduation to celebrate with your peers.
  • Monthly coaching sessions with a small business expert who is your personal guide through the program.
  • A trusted confidential group Get to know two other small businesses in depth in your triad group.
  • A learning pod of six helps you apply the skills to your business.
  • Bite sized 5minute online lessons with downloadable tools, checklists and forms you can use straight away.
  • A close network of 24 other business owners who know you and your business, share your success along the way.
  • For more information on the topics we cover…

Sign up for free to join a program in your region.

Once you’ve signed up for a groei program you will join our Alumni Community.

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