Feeling lost?  It’s time to find the right path and to get your business on the road to recovery.

Thursday 4 June

Skills Shot Virtual Workshop 2 

  • Customer insights & marketing tactics
  • Social media strategy & content
  • Productivity, focus & goal setting
  • Scenario Planning for success


  • Zoom meeting 12-1.30pm
  • Virtual Networking from 1.30-2pm


Understanding Your Customer + How They’ll Engage

Why it is crucial to have insight into your customer

How to make your business stand out using marketing

Digital Communication – Using Social Media Effectively

How to plan and build content your customer wants

What works: when and what to post where

Goal Setting + Focus Tips

Productivity tools to get more done

How to set goals so you are productive and focused

Scenario Planning – Focus On The Next 3-6 Months, Plan For Success

Key questions to assess your market reality

Planning process & execution routines that work for small businesses

Meet our panel 

Jane Clark

Jane Clark

Marketing Expert

Jane knows that how you articulate and differentiate your offering is critical.  As founder of award-winning Vie Marketing, Jane knows how to deliver a smarter, more agile and streamlined marketing service for small business owners.

Kate vanderVoort

Kate vanderVoort

Digital Marketing Strategist

Kate vanderVoort is Founder and CEO of Social Mediology and the Social Media Success Academy.  She has worked with over 3,000 businesses on social media strategy across every industry.  Kate is also a Digital Community Champion with the Queensland State Government.

Adam Harris

Adam Harris

Goal Setting Guru

Adam helps business owners achieve traction in growing their business using simple and practical tools.  He is the author of the Strategy Checkin Journal, CTO of Peritus Learning & Development and qualified EOS coach (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) described in the book TRACTION by Gino Wickman.

Amanda Cole

Amanda Cole

Strategy Facilitator

Amanda facilitates strategic growth for small and medium businesses, working with their boards, leadership teams and business owners.  She is a previous Telstra Women’s Awards winner, Chairs the boards for two Brisbane businesses and is the co-founder & Commercial Director of Groei.

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