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Your weekly investment in learning best practice, relevant and easily applicable tips from expert speakers on topics relevant to your small business. Our forum ensures you meet the speaker of your choice and have the opportunity to discuss your challenges – up front and personal.


Friday at 12pm AEST/AEDT on Zoom

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Welcome to the groei SME Forum – a place where small business owners can connect and join the conversation to help each other grow their business.

The purpose of this forum is to support small business owners with an opportunity to connect with their peers and learn from each other and our panellists to grow sustainable companies.

Now more than ever we need a connection and the right information at the right time. We are committing to running this forum every Friday to provide a rhythm of learning and community.

We have designed the forum so every participant can ask their questions and spend time in small groups online with a speaker and to meet and build relationships with other business owners. The forum is a virtual networking experience and a chance to think about your business challenges.

“I have to be honest I loved the experience, I am happy to do that all over again: ). But this isn’t about me.

Like most of us I have been asked to join a lot of forums, webinars, live interviews etc and I do have to confess I have been quite reticent to do a lot of them simply because in the rush to demonstrate the ability to still be of use in a virtual environment delivery by a lot of hosts has been less than stellar.  Having known Tara for some time I expected professionalism which is why I didn’t hesitate to join the panel when she asked.  Where the experience really stood out was in the format…from a production viewpoint it was ‘as expected’ and easy to navigate for all participants, but your format is superb.  The pace, the ability to give just some ‘chunks’ of information which were easy to absorb, the flow between panellists, into breakout rooms and back to mainstage was really well managed and did not allow for downtime – or dead air – to creep in.  I also found the chat and questions from your participants to be on point, which means a better experience for everyone, including the panellists. “ 

Jacqueline Nagle, SpeakableYOU (panellist)

I have joined this forum for the last 4 or 5 weeks and the quality of the panelist brought on to share value to attendees is just amazing. We’ve had some seriously big names join and deliver incredible advise and counsel to the audience on many different topics, ranging from WFH and dealing with the change, to business innovation, Social Media Marketing, etc… Thank you to the amazing Amanda Cole, Tara Jacobsen and Adam Harris for setting it up, and running it on a weekly basis.”

Floris Blok, Blok Business Consulting

“Excellent panel of relevant speakers.”

Claire Harrison, Harrison Human Resources

“I got more value from the Forum than I expected to…I’m really appreciative of the advice I received as I like to know what I’m planning to do is the right thing. It was really helpful being able to spend time with speaker and get specific feedback.”

Kelly Beasley, Busy Beas Bookkeeping

How do I know if groei SME Forums are Right For Me? 

We’ve prepared a list of FAQ’s to answer the most common questions we receive.  If you have a question not answered here, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll do our best to clear things up.

How long does the SME Forum go for?

1 hour and 15mins and then we have a short networking session, we call a fireside chat, for 15mins. We start at 12pm and finish at 1.30pm each Friday.

How much does the SME Forum cost?

Nothing! It’s free.

How do I register?

Using the link you will be directed to our SME Forum Group, which is part of our overarching community platform.  There you can create your profile and find the link to access the SME Forums via Zoom.  We’ll send you a calendar link to easily add the event to your diary, and a reminder email on the day.  You won’t need a Zoom account and you won’t need to register for each week’s event, once you’re part of our SME Forum Group.

Do I need video on?

All participants get to meet the moderators and speaker so we prefer you use a device with video…so dress as you usually would but you may wish to use a virtual background if you’re dialling in from your bedroom.

Do you record the panel?

Yes we live stream to facebook and we also upload recordings on the forum to so you can watch our speakers again.

Is the forum confidential? I'm not sure I want to be recorded...

Only the speaker presentations on the forum are recorded. The breakout discussions with the panel are confidential so if you discuss your business, Chatham house rules apply.

Can I be a speaker in the SME Forum?

Yes we are always looking for great speakers with expertise in small business and practical tools to share. Get in touch at Please send us your bio, or linkedin profile and an overview of your topic area and we’ll be in touch.

I have technical issues getting access to the meeting…

Please email or call her mobile which is on the registration confirmation email.

Still Have Questions?

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