Navigate your way to success in your business

22 October 2020


About this Event

We’ve created this half day workshop to help with your business planning and getting clear on the path ahead to make the best decisions for your business. This is a highly interactive outcomes focused workshop. You will work with non competing businesses to plan your strategy on a page to be easily executed when you get back to your workplace. To maximize your time, we will give you some preparation to get your team involved prior to the one day session to make surer you can set some realistic goals.

This session is for you as the business leader a key staff member or business partner. You will define your customer, your market, process improvements and growth opportunities in a one page business plan to navigate your business journey.

Typically the things you will work on across the workshop are:

Ambition: Where are we going?

Purpose Why do we exist? Who is the customer we serve?

Your customer and market

Process Improvements and growth opportunities

Strategic Priorities: What do we need to focus on to achieve our Vision?

Action planning for the strategic priorities.


You will map your business path with the groei Map and build a plan for success for your business. This intensive session dedicates the time for you to anchor the strategic choices that will guide your business over the next twelve months of growth.

This workshop is perfect for owners of Micro, Small to Medium Business looking to create a clear and measurable plan for their organisation. A week prior to the event you will receive an email with links to online tools to use during the workshop and with your team before and after the session.

This will be an online event via zoom and will run from 9 – 12pm


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