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We know how hard it is to find the right people, resources, networks, ideas and skills when starting and running your business from regional, rural and remote parts of Australia. We have been there ourselves….

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Is this program for you?


Trailblazers is designed to assist you to scaleup or grow your business from yourself to employing your first staff member. It will also assist businesses with up to 10 staff.

groei trailblazers program is virtual, on demand, guided, actionable, and designed to support all start-up, micro and small business owners achieve their dreams

Think strategically

Plan and deliver on your plans

Understand how to attract customers and sell more

Assess your leadership style

Assess your business performance

Define your purpose, values and goals

Manage your time effective

Manage your cash

And other insights from your peer group and personal leadership coach.

What’s in it for me?

Navigating your business startup to growth – wherever you are. Here’s what you can achieve: 

Improved problem solving

By identifying the problem you need to solve and thinking through the ways you could tackle it, decisions become much easier to make. You know what’s important, and that’s crucial for saving time as you make your way to a solution..

Better decision making

When you’re making a decision that involves complex issues you also need to engage your problem-solving, as well as decision-making skills. We show you effective, robust processes to improve the quality of your decisions and to achieve consistently good results.

Increase profitability

Every business can improve its profitability. Sometimes a single factor can significantly increase profitability, but for most businesses increasing profitability means implementing a number of small improvements gradually.We supply you with the tools needed to prioritise & implement your strategies

Clarity in your future direction

Having a focused direction means you can make the right decisions today that will get you there. You will finish trailblazers with a clear understanding of what your future looks like.

Learn and apply business basics

Trailblazers will give you the foundation skills and knowledge to enable you to put all the basics in place that are often overlooked or forgotten. We give you the hands-on skills and knowledge to take those essential steps on your business journey.

Confidence in yourself as a leader

Self-confidence is the fundamental basis from which leadership grows. We teach you effective techniques, enabling you to become a more confident and genuine leader within your organisation

What about our other programs

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 What will we do?

Through 3 levels of support – a peer group, coaches and facilitators and a networked community we combine theory with applied practice, and individual and peer learning and mentoring to ensure effective and measurable implementation. 

One day online bootcamp

7 online learning modules

4 x one to one coaching sessions via Zoom


6 x group problem solving & opportunity crunch sessions

Benchmark your business

Build a strategic one page plan

Build your performance review

7 x virtual peer group sessions via Zoom

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my business to small to benefit?

Business’ of any size will learn best practice on many levels completing the course. Trailblazers is designed to assist you to startup or grow your business from yourself to employing your first staff member.  However it will also assist businesses with up to 5 staff. 

what's the class size?

Each cohort is a maximum of 30 and a minimum of 16. Each cohort is made up of breakout groups of 6 non-competing businesses who you will get to know really well. 

what can i expect?

Our participants lead busy lives. Most have businesses, full time jobs in their business and families. We have created a flexible timetable that will give you the time to think about your business and do the work. We don’t give you homework. How much work you do in between sessions is up to you. You will have support from your groei coach and the learning peer group to make the decisions you need to make to be more effective. And they’ll make sure you have accountability to do the work in your best interests. 

how does the application process work?

Once you submit your application our groei coach will be in touch to discuss your goals from the program and talk you through next steps. 

Do i get a certificate?

Yep. And a t-shirt. And a video of your progress through the course. 

As business owners we never stand still,we are in a constant state of reinvention. In our business, we were looking for support to build a better business and learn how to form collaborative partnerships to innovate globally. We found the program supported us to understand our appetite for risk and how to make sensible financial decisions for growth. 

Angela & Brian

CEO, Beef Exporters

My groei coach has an authentic passion for business and getting the best out of teams of all sizes, she is fun to work with, and her deep technical expertise is unique


Cohort participant, Extra Space

Livng rural and having the opportunity to tap into some of the most incredible knowledge base and connections has been one of the most valuable components of this program. The learning content combined with the peer and one to one coaching gave me the ‘how’ and a dedicated support network to feel like I wasn’t alone in the decisions I was making.  


Regional , Solopreneur

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