groei.Us Your Community


Join your community of solo, micro and small business owners is our virtual VIP membership connecting businesses across regional communities 

what’s in it for you? 

– Transfer information into action to help grow your business

– Build your network from your lounge-room

– Focus your own self-development with what you most need now

– Access easy to use tools on demand you can use to improve your business

– Connect with others sharing the same path

In the groei community you’ get…

Virtual Fireside Chats

Build a network from your lounge room and problem solve your challenges. 

Small Business Forum

Unlimited access to Small Business Forum recordings and resources provided by our speakers. 

groei.Us Lessons

Access up to 100 bite sized learning with more being added each month. 

groei Index

Benchmark your business to understand what learning you need right now to grow your business. 

Partner & Expert Directory

Curated list of specialist small business advisors and other course offerings. 

Online Chat Private Chat Forum

Connect with other business owners ask questions and comment on the posted discussion topics. 

You are not on your own

Many small to medium business leaders are physically and mentally isolated. Our capital cities have a wealth of support programs designed for face to face interaction but what about if you are not in the city? Through the groei.Us community you can connect with people like you all over Australia and New Zealand.  

groei.Us is downloaded on Apple or Andriod App stores which makes your community easy to access… you can downlaod an app to your phone and get on the go access to learning when you need it

What are groei Lessons?

We know you can google most things these days but can you get curated lessons and personalised content? groei.Us Lessons are anchored by the groei Map and are designed to provide you with bite-size micro learning to support you to manage your business as it grows. 

Fireside Chat 

Your fortnightly personal problem solving peer group

What is a Fireside Chat?

Are you curious about how a group of other business owners could ever get your business? 
Pull up a log at our Fireside Chat.

Sometimes your business challenges seem bigger than a mountain and you have no idea how you can climb it… we have found having a place where you can be around like-minded peers to connect and chat, the challenges or opportunities seem less overwhelming because there will be someone else going through what you are going through.

groei can help.. you can drop in virtually every fortnight for an hour and ask questions, talk to other business owners or learn some tips or tricks for a current business issues.

As a groei.Us memberyou do not need to make a commitment each fortnight… use the group when you need it.

Just like having a chat around your camp fire… chatham house rules are in place and we will maintain confidentiality and respect for other business owners during the sessions.

Are you looking for more?

Check out the other groei solutions for YOU. All of the groei programs include a groei.Us membership.

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