Join your community of small business owners in rural, region and remote areas across Australia.


Join our business community across Australia connecting businesses in rural, region and remote communities.

In the groei community you get connected to:


  • A peer group – A safe place to ask questions of other businesses who are going through that same thing as you
  • Personalised learning – Gain access to the right learning content at the right time for you with our learning modules
  • Special member rates for our public Learning Labs

You are not on your own

 Many small to medium business leaders are physically and mentally isolated. Our capital cities have a wealth of support programs designed for face to face interaction and require a commitment to a city location and date. 

Why join ?

 – Find and connect with people like you in your region and across Australia. Share your challenges in our forums. Connect directly with the network and do business together.

 – Join groups to suit your industry across Australia so you can ask questions and learn from people who do business just the way you do but aren’t competing in your patch.

 – Get special access to additional content and learning modules designed to fill in the gaps. Stay connected with your peer group after finishing a groei program

Groei.Us 1.0


This is ideal if you are still in start-up or have an idea and are still working out how you get started in the business world. We have curated a bunch of free tools and resources for you to navigate your way through on your own.

Groei.Us 2.0


A month ongoing with 1 month notice to cancel
This is ideal if you are still in start-up space but now you are selling your products and services but now need more structured knowledge and support but don’t yet have the cashflow to support an ongoing commitment to a full program. That’s ok we get it so this will be perfect for you. This is also ideal for Groei Growth Program 1.0 Members and Alumni team members.

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