Adele is a Peak Performance Coach & Profiler that specialises in Mind/Body Performance.

She has had the privilege of coaching Peak Performance to some amazing athletes, sports teams in different codes, to millionaires, career professionals, business owners & international CEOs over the past 10 years. She firmly lives & breathes the philosophy of an integrated mind/body approach for higher performance and intimately knows the significant role that the parasympathetic nervous system plays in the peak performance of those in any leadership position.

She is an international workshop facilitator, has an online program called The Fit Lab, has coached 1000’s of clients, is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Edisc Trainer, Psychosomatic Profiler & Qigong instructor. Her current Workplace Wellbeing Project is called which is a peak performance program for workplace professionals.

Her mission is to see people within the workplace perform (sustainably) and to succeed beyond every limit they ever place on themselves!

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