In this episode, we are really fortunate to hear from two regional women that are not only working to grow their own region but to build solutions that will support the sustainably of so many more regional businesses ..and they are doing this with the core driver of collaboration not competition.
On Episode 7 we hear from Jacqui Blanch and Maree Rosier of Maja Group. Maja group was born out of a meeting of minds of these two go getter ladies in one of the first wire hubs in 2017. Through the Wire program , they started out on joint venture projects, focussed on re-building the heart of the Lockyer valley region in Regional Queensland, and re-igniting the communities passion for the region through collaborative solutions.
It wasn’t long after that that they decided it was more fun working together and merged their businesses together because they knew together they could do more than alone and they could have a bigger voice. These two are going somewhere and have a range of digital and commercial independent community projects on the go. Listen in as you learn about their passion for growing a community and their vision to change first their community but then regional Australia through collaboration.

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