We are looking for 50 regional leaders to be the local face of groei in your region. You will share our passion for growing sustainable regional communities through supporting the growth of small businesses.  

We are in discussion with Facilitators for the following locations:

SW Perth/Margaret River
Northern Perth
Northern NZ
NZ Auckland
Darling Downs/ Goondawindi
Emerald / Central Burnett
Logan/Gold Coast
Sunshine Coast
Regional SA

What will groei do for you?  

We will support you with : 

 * Training to deliver the program
* Coaching support to assist you to build your first cohort
* Marketing materials e.g. detailed course information, email pdf’s, short videos, social media activity
* A full suite of online training resources
* Delivery of the programs using our network of facilitators and coaches – should you not wish to be involved with delivery
* Administration support – through our LMS for invoicing, student information 

 Who is involved? 

groei offers three key roles in the delivery of our programs:  

  • A coach 
  • program facilitator for the public events
  • Regional Facilitator who is the local area co-ordinator 

 As a local area Regional Facilitator you may wish to apply to coach or facilitate or deliver all three roles. 

 Regional Facilitator role: 

 Assist with local business contacts and area knowledge 

  • Make introductions to key stakeholders for example: local governments, accountants, regional development groups, startup incubators, co-working spaces local banks and others sources of referrals for program participants 
  • Network with the local small business community 
  • Provide social media support and repost groei information 
  • Attend local public workshops as the face of groei in your region 
  • Assist with the onboarding of local facilitators and provide introductions to possible future groei team members 
  • Assist with running local area events as MC if needed and events administration support  

 You need to have the following skills/experience: 

  • Proven business development capability and substantial local networks 
  • Influencers in your region 
  • Involved in regional economic development boards, small business councils etc 
  • Has owned or currently own their own business 
  • Have brand credibility in their local business area as a business leader 
  • Align with our values  

 Coach role

Coaches do not need to be geographically located near the region they serve however we expect that coaches attends the face-to-face sessions quarterly throughout the program and finally at the graduation ceremony.  

  • Hold monthly one to one sessions with all attendees for one hour 
  • Attend a bimonthly check-in session with our program director to discuss any issues 
  • Attend an annual training programme for coaches 
  • Use our Slack channel for quick feedback/ discussion amongst our coaching team
  • Attend local face-to-face events for your cohort including graduation
  • Maintain LMS database with notes from each session  

 You need to have the following skills/experience:  

  • Have owned a small business or worked with small business owners for a minimum of 5 years so you can tell war stories/examples to illustrate our key learnings 
  • Have coached business owners for a minimum of ten years  
  • Be well read in best practice business literature 
  • Align with our values
  • Have high energy, optimism, a passion for learning and teaching
  • Accredited for extended disc 
  • Desirable to have a coaching accreditation/qualification/membership.  

 Program Facilitator role: 

 The groei facilitator’s role is to engage the group in creating their strategy, planning and performance goals. groei facilitators lead the online group dynamic through our monthly coaching sessions – “fireside chats” where we crunch challenges, opportunities and reinforce the learning from the modules. The group of 16-20 business owners gathers for a 2 hour Zoom call for the facilitated learning session. Your job will be to build community, teach and encourage peer learning and have the skills to do this virtually.   

  • Lead monthly coaching sessions for a two hours Zoom call 
  • Facilitate our face-to-face lab workshops for a full day once a quarter 
  • Attend an annual training programme for facilitators 
  • Use our Slack channel for quick feedback/ discussion amongst our facilitator team 
  • Attend local face-to-face events for your cohort including graduation
  • Prepare as needed for the workshops – e.g. review attendee list, prepare materials, setup Trello boards, arrive early, and follow up as needed 
  • Update LMS feedback from each session
  • Training, adult education or facilitation experience for 10 years. 

You need to have the following skills/experience:  

  • Have owned a small business or worked with small business owners for a minimum of 5 years so you can tell war stories/examples to illustrate our key learnings
  • Have facilitated groups in a strategic planning process
  • Be well read in best practice business literature
  • Align with our values
  • Have high energy, optimism, a passion for learning and teaching
  • Have previous formal training in facilitation
  • Experience in using online tools preferred e.g. Zoom
  • Desirable to have a facilitation/teaching accreditation/qualification/membership. 

Application process 

 Join our facilitator group on Linkedin 

  1. Send an expression of interest to our Program Director – Tara Jacobsen. Forms are available on our website. Also submit a 2-3min introduction video – tell us a story about some of the work you’ve done, how you’re engaged with local communities and whether you would like to apply as a facilitator or a coach.  
  2. Have an initial zoom interview – 20mins with our Program Director. (for applicants without an existing relationship with the Directors)  
  3. Have a detailed one to one meeting for 60 mins with our Program Director. 
  4. Attend the first day of the train the trainer program – attend a Summit, training day or virtually via Zoom. 
  5. Trainee facilitators will be invited to facilitate for parts of the day. 
  6. Trainee coaches will run a coaching one to one with both the directors individually. 
  7. Undertake a DISC profile. 
  8. Come to dinner with the directors. 
  9. Get accepted as a groei facilitator or coach. 


  1. Sign the contract.  
  2. Build your cohort marketing plan – including setting your events plan for the year.  
  3. Attend day two of the train the trainer program. 
  4. Undertake to complete 16 week Trailblazers program at a reduced rate. 
  5. Sit in on fireside chats with the team and co-chair a program. 
  6. Undertake monthly Zoom coaching with our Program Director. 

 We anticipate that it will take 3-4 months of networking to build your first partner relationships.  


 Please send your expression of interest to become one of the groei team in your area.  


Program fees are dependent upon the number in the cohort and pricing for 2020 is still to be confirmed however here is an indicative overview of projected time requirements and income based on a minimum of 16 in the cohort. Whilst Regional Facilitators would be paid in line with program income they will be required to maintain marketing activity during the course of the full year as needed. 

 We will provide a contract outlining 2020 Regional Facilitator and contractor fees in November 2019.   

Indicative hourly rates:
Facilitator $250/hr plus gst
Coach $150/hr plus gst
Regional Facilitator  $500 – $1000 plus gst per participant depending  on partner rebates 

All roles will operate as independent contractors and will require their own professional indemnity and liability insurance and an abn. 

 about groei 

 Who is an ideal groei customer? 

 At groei we are passionate about providing business owners with the tools to simplify the decisions they need to enable their business to grow. Our core target market are the owners of business up to $5 million turnover with a staff of 2-5 staff minimum, who dealing with the complexity of growth. They are regional businesses who are remote from major capital centres and looking to build connection and learn better business skills.  

 We have three key avatars:  

Mark – small business owner aged 40 – 45 with a young family and a business sitting around $1m with 5 staff and flat growth. “I’m out of ideas and cash is tight, I don’t know how to solve my problems” Stressed and micro-managing.  

Charlie – small business owner aged 36-50 working from home, juggling children with qualifications and well connected to her community. She might have a side hustle or is a solopreneur wanting to grow her income. “I want to build a future for myself” Time poor, optimistic and full of ideas.  

Nicole – small business owner aged 40 – 55 running a business with 1-2 staff and feeling out of ideas, wants to be more strategic and planned but frantic in the day to day “ I need help to work on my business” Time poor, energetic and super productive being busy.  

 Our products  

groei offers three key products:  

Trailblazers program – a 16 week online hosted program for solopreneurs offering a combination of 2 hour peer group meetings and one to one coaching using Zoom, supported with our online learning modules.  

Basecamp program – a 10 month education program for a cohort of up to 20 small business owners offering a combination of 2 hour peer group meetings and one to one coaching using Zoom, supported with our online learning modules and quarterly face to face workshops.  

groei.us –  our online community and learning camp. Engage with fellow groei learners and download additional tools and resources to help you in your business growth.  

 We also host public programs that are full day workshops with a key focus that anchor the main annual program – Strategy Lab, Performance Lab and Mindset Lab. 

 groei programs are aligned using the groei map that helps business owners build sustainable choices using the four strategic decisions –  

  1. What’s my business as usual cash cow? 
  2. How do I run my business better, cheaper and faster? 
  3. How do I grow? 
  4. How do I build my business of the future? 

 The groei index benchmarks businesses against the groei map and gives owners personalised course priorities to focus their learning. 

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