In this episode, we share one of the speakers from the most recent small business forum. The forum theme was all about the importance of creating systems. Essentially business systems are there for operational effectiveness and capture the collective “know-how” of the business. In this episode we share the recording of one of the panellists, Dave Jenyns author of Systemology .
Dave shares with our guests on the forum that a system is not software, a system is your propriety way of getting anything you do, done in a consistent routine and predictable way. Once you have set up that standard then anyone else can do it to the level that you expect so that its predictable and it gives you time back…Systems are about doing the right things every time!
We also discuss the theme and speakers of the next forum where we explore the mindset we need to navigate being a business owner ..
You can Join the next Small Business Forum on the 30th Octob about Business Owner Mindset.. Get your FREE ticket here
If you want to grab a copy of Dave’s book you can track one down here

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