On our final episode for 2020, we share with you the full recording of the last Small Business Forum of the year. We look forward to sharing more great stories next year. In this podcast we share how do we get our business on the path to growth? It’s seems such a long climb from starting our business, to employing our first staff to a million dollar turnover or more. For some it’s a distant horizon. How do small business owners manage to build big businesses? Every year, over 300,000 businesses fail. Business owners who put their heart and soul into their dream drive it into the ground, because they didn’t have the tools or the knowledge to make their dream a reality. Because running a small business requires so much broad skill set today. From marketing to strategy, from financial literacy to negotiation skills…usually it’s the non core management and leadership skills that make or break a business and nothing to do with what you make, build or sell. How do you get to be as great at the business side as you do at the delivery of your product or service?check out more at our website www.groei.com.au

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