groei Small Business Accelerator

Boost your business performance, increase your confidence and be more profitable with our 90 day small business accelerator!

Is this program for you?

Learn to drive the performance of your business so you can feel in control

– Have you ever done a strategic plan and then forgot to look at it again? 

– Does all that planning never seem to get you anywhere or change your business? 

– Do you feel overwhelmed with all the change and need to focus?  

– How do other small businesses make decisions and pivot so fast?  

Mapmakers delivers the routine to drive your business forward 

We make it easy with standard templates to turn your strategy into a monthly routine, that is built by you, with your team. Ensure your plan is top of mind, stay on track to the goals you set and keep your strategic thinking all in one place.

What’s in it for me?

Navigating the choices to grow your business can be overwhelming. Here’s what you’ll get after the 16 weeks of a Trailblazers course: 

Get focussed

Work on the right activities that will deliver your goals 

Align your team

Build a plan together so there’s buy in from the whole team.  

Feel more confident

Having a plan takes away the overwhelming feelings and having a routine puts you in charge.  

Measure the right things

Performance measures are often difficult to clarify and hard to implement. We provide a structure and the tools to easily measure your progress. 

Introduce discipline

The management routine helps you stay on track, manage change and holds you accountable to your commitments.  

Be proactive

Stop fighting fires and work on your business to make the time to decide on a permanent fix to your problems.    

What will we do?

  • 5 hr Bootcamp to Launch 
  • 1 x Annual Strategy Lab to set your 3 year horizon
  • 6 x problem solving peer group meetings
  • 4 x 1-1  coaching sessions to work through specific challenges
  • Micro Lessons to build your strategic insight and learn the tools to implement your plan
  • Trello templates including one page business plan and monthly team meetings KPI dashboard.
  • Leadership Profile 
  • Business Benchmark
  • Small business best practice community
  • 2 x Performance Workshops to set 90 day goals with monthly key measures

Still not sure if this is for you?

click here to book a 15 minute call with one of our team to find out more 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I need?

 Mapmakers runs over a 90 day (12 weeks) sprint. Each week there is a  virtual 90 minute session. To get the most out of the program and implement the learning you’ll need to do some extra work. How much work you do in between sessions is up to you, however we would recommend you spend at least an hour a week working on your business and dedicate an hour monthly for a team meeting to report on your success measures.  

When do we meet?

Each workshop occurs quarterly and new intakes happen each quarter starting with a Performance Lab. The timetable will be sent to you to ensure it’s your diary and you can put the dates in your diary for all the workshops. 

What’s the class size?

Each cohort starts the meeting in a Zoom meeting group of a maximum of 42. You do the work in breakout groups with your colleagues from your business, so we recommend you bring at least one other person with you from your business. If you are a solopreneur and would like a buddy, we can pair you with another non-completing business owner to help you with your decision making.  

What preparation will I need to do?

We will guide you through the preparation for the sessions in our onboarding modules.  

What kind of support will I get?

Your groei mentor is there to help you apply the material to your business and are available on chat via groei.Us or in a biannual one to one. if you get stuck we encourage participants to discuss topics specific to each business in a Fireside Chat or you can purchase extra strategy coaching if required.  

What if I miss a session?

All our workshops are recorded so you can circle back if you can’t make the Live event. We strongly encourage you to prioritise the workshops to ensure you maintain the routine.  

How do you protect confidentiality?

All participants accept our confidentiality agreement as part of their conditions of membership. Chatham House rules apply during all workshop sessions.  

What if I want to leave the program?

The program is designed to be delivered over 12 weeks so please get in touch if you find the process does not work for you. Refund requests will be at our discretion and will require 90 days notice. Refer to our T&C’s for full membership conditions on our website.  

Do I get a certificate?

Yep – you need to have completed all the workshops to be eligible.  

Do I keep the tools after the program finishes?

Yep…you retain ownership of the trello boards however to continue to access Lessons you will need to maintain your groei.Us subscription.  

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