Feeling Lost? Cant see the forest for the trees?  

Use the power of a peer support group to help you navigate the right path. 

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Is this program for you?

Learning and thinking together can change your business…


Pathfinders is a monthly accountability group to help you grow your business sustainablyPathfinder meet weekly in confidential small groups in a virtual meeting via Zoom.  

Pathfinders is designed to provide support for solo, micro and small business owners for accountability. While the group will challenge your direction and show you a few new paths, the decisions and actions still rest with you as the business owner.  

 Imagine having a group of other small business owners who have been up the dry gulliesand walked the same path, share their hard-earned experiences so you can be a better small business owner. Its like having your own private board, an invested group of people who can give insightful feedback and insight on your business choices. 


We can shine the light but you must walk the path…with your pathfinder group walking beside you. 


What’s in it for me?

Make better decisions

The group will challenge your ideas and question your thinking so you can make more robust and considered choices.  

Get re-energised

It can be draining when you’re a small business owner. Being fully open with people who care gets us ready and recharged for the next uphill climb. Give yourself the oxygen first! 

Feel supported

It’s often lonely and isolating when you work for yourself. Share your baggage with others who carry the same load and help others along the way 

Learn the fast way

Hear the groups hard won wisdom with outside insight into your challenges. Follow in the footsteps of those who’ve been there before. 

Work on your business

Make the time to review your business each month. Reflect and learn new tools and the make a commitment to change. 

Make commitments to change

It’s hard to have a meeting with yourself and stick to your commitments. The group will help you see the light and be accountable to the changes you want to make. 

What do we talk about? 

Practical business operational tips

Including how do I: 

  • Clarify my brand message and promise  
  • Define my customer – who they are and what messages to use  
  • Decide on key performance measures for my business 
  • Set success standards for my team 
  • Leverage social media for growth 
  • Set up and organize a CRM 
  • Refine my sales process to be more effective  
  • Manage my cash, debt, bank manager… 
Personal performance and productivity

Including how do I: 

  • Set personal goals
  • Delegate effectively  
  • Decide on my values
  • Structure my week
  • Manage my bookkeeper
  • Know that I’m out of talent
Reflection and self-analysis

Including how do I: 

  • Know that I’m doing the right thing
  • Handle the pressure
  • Juggle my responsibilities having a family, and a business
  • Know what is the most important use of my time
  • Manage my marriage, and my business when we are business partners
  • Decide what success looks like 
  • Manage my stress   
  • Take a holiday? 

What do we do? 

Weekly 90 mins group meeting

Entrepreneur Mindset Profile

Decision making & problem solving processes

Triad pod accountability group

Confidential peer group conversations

groei.Us community

Want to talk?

Book a time with a groei member for a quick fifteen minute call, in person, to unpack the help you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I need? 

1.5 hours a week plus thinking time 

When do we meet?

Each group will set their meeting time for each month. We often find participants like to work outside work hours at the start of the day or on an evening on a Wednesday or a Thursday of the week.  

What’s the group size?

Each pathfinder group is a maximum of 12 and a minimum of 6. Groups will launch with 6 members and will only ever have 12. We expect that 9 members will attend each week.  

What can I expect?

Our participants lead busy lives. Most have businesses, full time jobs in their business and families. We have created a flexible timetable that will give you the time to think about your business and work on it each week.  We don’t give you homework. How much work you do in between sessions is up to you. You will have support from your group facilitator and the group to make the decisions you need to make to be more effective. And they’ll make sure you have accountability to do the work in your best interests.   

What preparation will I need to do?

Invest some time thinking about a decision you might put to the group this week? What small step could you take to get going? 

What if I miss a session?

All our online sessions are recorded so you can circle back if you miss a group session or watch again to recap.   

How do you protect confidentiality?

All participants sign a confidentiality agreement as part of the application process. Chatham House rules apply during all peer group sessions.  We ensure that breakout cohorts where you share your personal challenges and sensitive business information occur without competitors in the same group.   

How do I join a group? 

Prospective members submit an expression of interest giving an overview of themselves, their business and their goals in joining Pathfinders. We will then have a one to one chat to check we’re right for each other, give you an overview and then when we’re all heading in the right direction, we’ll introduce you to the group for visit as a guest. If everyone is on board its full steam ahead with our introduction and onboarding module.  

What if I’m not quite ready?

You might like to join to meet some of the community and experience a Small Business Forum on Zoom.  

As business owners we never stand still,we are in a constant state of reinvention. In our business, we were looking for support to build a better business and learn how to form collaborative partnerships to innovate globally. We found the program supported us to understand our appetite for risk and how to make sensible financial decisions for growth. 

Angela & Brian

CEO, Beef Exporters

My groei coach has an authentic passion for business and getting the best out of teams of all sizes, she is fun to work with, and her deep technical expertise is unique


Cohort participant, Extra Space

Livng rural and having the opportunity to tap into some of the most incredible knowledge base and connections has been one of the most valuable components of this program. The learning content combined with the peer and one to one coaching gave me the ‘how’ and a dedicated support network to feel like I wasn’t alone in the decisions I was making.  


Regional , Solopreneur

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