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As a membership organisation or a local government agency you have a vested interest in building entrepreneurial capital in your local area.


You are on a mission to support and network small businesses to help them be more sustainable.


About Us

Sustainable small business + Jobs and growth

= Strong Economy

Whether you want to deliver the program under your brand or partner with us, our missions are aligned. We partner with organisations who share our interest in supporting small business growth. 

Our goal is to reduce the failure rate for businesses and increase the employment rate wherever we run a course. As educators we also want to provide a support network to ensue learning is not entertainment but can be easily applied and demonstrate a return on investment for our participants.


For more information download our
sample program : (coming soon)

We can produce a program using our menu of services designed to suit your membership cohort’s needs and to help you build a strong community.

What makes groei different?

Groei offers the only virtual business peer learning programs in Australia. The program scaffolds underpinning business knowledge for participants through advanced education and facilitation techniques focusing on developing trust and social capital across a business community. Wherever your members are, we can deliver.

The programs special sauce is combining :


  • Proven successful track record in virtual programs across Australia
  • Experienced peer learning facilitation informed by neuroscience principles
  • Depth of knowledge in practical tools and competency development needed for founders and business owners to grow their business
  • Lived experience and knowledge on how business can thrive in rural, regional and remote areas of Australia
  • Online tools for learning, community building & practical application
  • Strategic navigation for small business – routines, measures and goals 

Membership organisations

Your goal is to:


  • Support your members to increase their productivity &  profitability
  • Connect your community and leverage your network
  • Increase member value
  • Build a new income stream


Your goal is to:

  • Support the business community in your region to increase their productivity and profitability and grow to offer more employment opportunities
  • partner with specialists to deliver programs

Businesses look to their council to support them with grants and access to programs that will help business owners be more effective and employ more staff.

We are proud to work with the following businesses 

Let us partner with you to design a program to support your small business owners

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